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Sat Feb 4 23:07:21 2023 (*f763ed18*):: *** Bumfights 1 : Indecline : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive *** Bum fights is bums fighting *** Internet Archive (*896dff9b*):: +public!


Fri Feb 3 20:25:55 2023 (*896dff9b*):: Creating an ord compatible wallet with Sparrow Wallet (*896dff9b*):: +public!


Fri Feb 3 09:08:22 2023 (*4e3d9761*):: (*6952cd93*):: +public! (*896dff9b*):: 3d prnt gun instructions as an ordinal


Fri Feb 3 07:06:43 2023 (*896dff9b*):: This documents seeks to create a spec for managing uploads and retrieval of media (images, audio, video) in Nostr clients. *** GitHub – michaelhall923/nostr-media-spec *** Contribute to michaelhall923/nostr-media-spec development by creating an account on GitHub. *** GitHub (*896dff9b*):: +public!


Fri Feb 3 03:59:02 2023 (*896dff9b*):: +public! (*896dff9b*):: LN Markets, the first Lightning Network powered bitcoin derivatives trading platform, is now live on Mainnet! No email or registration needed, you can connect your funds instantly and trade with any Lightning Wallet. (*896dff9b*):: +public!


Fri Feb 3 00:48:18 2023 (*896dff9b*):: fax2nostr allows posting to Nostr via fax; it is clearly the ultimate weapon to integrate old non-digital businesses into the new borning Nostr era. fax2nostr pubkey on Nostr: npub1fax000k83detv7fjpm7v2y2dj9q4tmg2yghv3fh44uv2540ta0sqjw7e5p +public! (*896dff9b*):: Powered by fax2nostr Send a fax to +3904341856011 to publish it on Nostr (*896dff9b*):: npub1fax000k83detv7fjpm7v2y2dj9q4tmg2yghv3fh44uv2540ta0sqjw7e5p (*3bd42332*):: Geeking […]


Fri Feb 3 00:57:22 2023 (*3bd42332*):: +public!


Thu Feb 2 23:35:24 2023 (*896dff9b*):: AI generated Seinfeld epsislde *** watchmeforever – Twitch *** NOTHING, FOREVER | AI generated, always on, always weird | “make sense mode” on *** Twitch (*896dff9b*):: Not that good (*896dff9b*):: Love the attempt though (*3bd42332*):: Lol this is funny (*896dff9b*):: +public!


Thu Feb 2 23:15:02 2023 (*3bd42332*):: (*6952cd93*):: +public!


Thu Feb 2 17:32:38 2023 (*3bd42332*):: (*6952cd93*):: minimalism fixes this +public! (*54b3f3ac*):: easier said than done


Thu Feb 2 17:14:47 2023 (*4e3d9761*):: (*6952cd93*):: +public!


Thu Feb 2 15:41:14 2023 (*3bd42332*):: (*6952cd93*):: lol welcome to chyna +public! (*4cfb807c*):: That was qwik


Thu Feb 2 07:05:50 2023 (*3bd42332*):: (*6952cd93*):: lol welcome to chyna +public!


Thu Feb 2 06:31:42 2023 (*6952cd93*):: lol this shit is so weird Someone needs to make a mortal kombat style video game with India vs China troops hand to hand combat on mountain terrain with cliff edges and shit *** Indian and Chinese Troops Clash With Sticks and Pipes *** Footage that I’m not […]


status: public Thu Feb 2 06:29:10 2023 (*6952cd93*):: +public! *** ♾ åpostol — High Off The Ground *** YouTube


Thu Feb 2 00:16:53 2023 (*6952cd93*):: Analog quantum computers are cool +public! *** New analog quantum computers to solve previously unsolvable problems *** Physicists have invented a new type of analog quantum computer that can tackle hard physics problems that the most powerful digital supercomputers cannot solve. *** (*3bd42332*):: (*6952cd93*):: Analog quantum computers […]


Wed Feb 1 03:05:13 2023 (*896dff9b*):: (*896dff9b*):: +public! (*896dff9b*):: (*896dff9b*):: (*896dff9b*):: +public! (*896dff9b*):: +public! (*896dff9b*):: Adding profile pic


Wed Feb 1 02:04:47 2023 (*4e3d9761*):: (*6952cd93*):: +public!

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