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Day: March 7, 2020


Sat Mar 7 21:52:48 2020 <5547a085> <|>


Sat Mar 7 10:34:19 2020 <16108387> yeah Its getting to be a big deal for sure, spreading fast to all corners of the world


Sat Mar 7 06:10:37 2020 <5547a085> <|> — Cloud Storage for $2 / TB / Mo — Explore the model that shows why Sia storage will stay below $2/TB/Mo for the long term. <5547a085> <> — Skynet — Skynet is a decentralized file sharing and content distribution protocol. <5547a085> <> <5547a085> “`# upload curl -X […]


Sat Mar 7 04:32:41 2020 <643f1644> It’s the right call <643f1644> We don’t want to become a plague city


Sat Mar 7 03:43:56 2020 <75f07d61> What are yalls thoughts on sxsw? When I was living in atx, it started to annoy me. The traffic, prices, and the city being trashed. <75f07d61> In other shutdowns, DOE has shutdown our king county and Snohomish county office (Seattle area). They aren’t critical to grid operation but shows […]


Sat Mar 7 03:41:24 2020 <75f07d61> Who you think will get it? With how cheap financing debt is, I really hope we ramp up infrastructure!


Sat Mar 7 02:06:42 2020 <21c2e595> So how big is the bailout that is likely around the corner gonna be?


Sat Mar 7 01:39:06 2020 <643f1644> <|> — “MILFs In Quarantine” – Coronavirus Porn Sweeps America  — “I think people are attracted to COVID-19 themed porn the same way people who are scared of their…”      <643f1644> In case any of yall missed it lol


Sat Mar 7 01:11:00 2020 <16108387> <|> — React App — Web site created using create-react-app <16108387> My latest creation <16108387> I went a little crazy with D3 making charts

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