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Day: April 7, 2020


Tue Apr 7 22:16:39 2020 <773ab1f1>


Tue Apr 7 22:10:35 2020 <5547a085> <5547a085> Higher lows, lower highs


Tue Apr 7 22:03:48 2020 <5547a085> <|>


Tue Apr 7 22:03:23 2020 <5547a085> How about this gem: <|> — Space Truckers — Space Truckers is a 1996 American-British-Irish comic science fiction film directed by Stuart Gordon and starring Dennis Hopper, Stephen Dorff, Debi Mazar and Charles Dance. It was filmed at Ardmore Studios, County Wicklow, Ireland. The story concerns John Canyon, one […]


Tue Apr 7 21:25:11 2020 <6707bcd9> I’d like to suggest one! It’s a 4 part series called “How to Fix a Drug Scandal” <6707bcd9> It’s a true story about this chemist who worked for the cops testing confiscated drugs <6707bcd9> And instead of testing the drugs, she wound up taking them all <6707bcd9> She cooked […]


Tue Apr 7 19:22:01 2020 <9e126bf3> DC++ yo <5547a085> Lol good point <9e126bf3> pick a flick to watch and I’ll download it


Tue Apr 7 19:16:11 2020 <5547a085> Movie night: <|> — Syncplay — Syncplay synchronises video playback across multiple media players so that a group of people who all have the same videos can watch them together. <5547a085> I’m gonna try to get my 2TB warez hosted, but ive been saying that for years lol


Tue Apr 7 19:10:20 2020 <5547a085> <|> <773ab1f1> That link was awesome icky


Tue Apr 7 18:28:48 2020 <8f79fcda> Sandernistas


Tue Apr 7 18:05:40 2020 <5547a085> Criminals –&gt; everyone <5547a085> “Exploiting the pandemic” –&gt; still breathing freedom


Tue Apr 7 17:34:13 2020 <8f79fcda> <> — MASS MONDAY: Rhett &amp; Link “Ear Biscuit” Rebuttal | Ep 659 — In this week’s episode of Mass Monday, Steven and the studio crew rebut clips from Rhett &amp; Link’s recent video about losing their faith.


Tue Apr 7 17:21:33 2020 <9e126bf3> <> — Does Time Really Flow? New Clues Come From a Century-Old Approach to Math. — The laws of physics imply that the passage of time is an illusion. To avoid this conclusion, we might have to rethink the reality of infinitely precise numbers.


Tue Apr 7 16:41:50 2020 <9e126bf3> but but…. orange man…. BAD


Tue Apr 7 16:41:09 2020 <9e126bf3> I don’t get how Jennifer Zeng gets away operating over there. She’s such a bad ass. Completely fearless


Tue Apr 7 16:07:58 2020 <8f79fcda> <>


Tue Apr 7 15:59:29 2020 <773ab1f1> <> said differently, 1/4th of the 21 trillion$ GDP will be wiped out — Steve Schwarzman Sees Virus Wiping $5 Trillion From GDP — Social distancing measures put in place to combat the spread of the coronavirus are unprecedented and creating massive disruption in the business community, said Steve […]

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