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Day: September 24, 2022


Sat Sep 24 22:10:58 2022 (*3bd42332*):: Cnn started me Walking down a silk road made of onions, stopped into the armory, saw a funny symbol worth about 6$ didnt know what to think other than how would you take delivery of an at-4 for the lulz. Fast forward 2-3years. No at-4 funny symbol worth about […]


Sat Sep 24 21:44:05 2022 (*0ff9e3b3*):: So I’ve been stuck (*0ff9e3b3*):: listen to good life. Problem I’m having is creating a song where a person tells old friends where they’ve been +public! *** OneRepublic – Good Life (Official Music Video) *** YouTube (*0ff9e3b3*):: Hanging with hs a college friend I found it hard to […]


Sat Sep 24 21:43:51 2022 (*0ff9e3b3*):: Aliens, Insectoids, and Elves! Oh, My! +public! *** Erowid DMT Vaults : “Aliens, Insectoids, and Elves! Oh, My!” (DMT Entities) *** ‘Aliens, Insectoids, and Elves! Oh, My!’, an article about DMT entities by Jon Hanna. ***


Sat Sep 24 20:49:14 2022 (*0ff9e3b3*):: Okay so it’s interesting we are spending resources on this* *** +public! U014EH1SZKL daytradechatter +public!


Sat Sep 24 19:57:46 2022 (*0ff9e3b3*):: +public! Khosta-2 (*0ff9e3b3*):: College Station +public! (*0ff9e3b3*):: Dots (pretzels) +public! (*0ff9e3b3*):: People that use words, instead of memes +public! (*0ff9e3b3*):: Books more than 40 pages +public! (*0ff9e3b3*):: Inbox Zero +public! (*0ff9e3b3*):: Seed Oil +public! (*f763ed18*):: has joined the channel (*8b7506f5*):: has joined the channel (*0ff9e3b3*):: Donald Rumsfeld +public! (*0ff9e3b3*):: […]


Sat Sep 24 19:56:24 2022 (*6952cd93*):: oh look a russia virus, right on time :clown_face: +public! *** Khosta-2: All You Need To Know About Russian Bat Virus That Could Infect Humans *** Sarbecovirus, to which Khosta-2 and SARS-CoV-2 belong, is a subgroup of coronaviruses. ***


Sat Sep 24 19:47:27 2022 (*0ff9e3b3*):: +public! *** Will NASA’s “DART” mission manage to displace the orbit of asteroid Didymos’ moon? – DART Mission Predicions | Futuur ***


Sat Sep 24 19:32:29 2022 (*4e3d9761*):: Just found this comment on Reddit. Organic computers… (*4cfb807c*):: That’s wild (*6952cd93*):: at some point it makes sense to grow neurons to run algorithms or do compute tasks instead of using silicon to emulate the real thing +public!


Sat Sep 24 19:11:51 2022 (*b05743e5*):: two out of three of channel topic *** CFTC files lawsuit against decentralized autonomous organization *** In a first, the CFTC sued a decentralized autonomous organization — and, it appears, the token holders who weigh in on its governance process. *** The Block (*6952cd93*):: +public!


Sat Sep 24 19:06:26 2022 (*0ff9e3b3*):: Illinois Attorney General Is an ally w/ DC attorney gen (Haitian push) DC AG Saylor Tax *** Illinois Attorney General (@ILAttyGeneral) / Twitter *** The Office of the Illinois Attorney General is the state’s chief legal office and responsible for protecting the public interest of the state and […]


Sat Sep 24 18:46:39 2022 (*0ff9e3b3*):: What’s your take on Bigfoot? (*4e3d9761*):: conspiracy of imminent Finacial collapse. Might Wana read this one. (*3bd42332*):: If this is habbening then dogebox is going to be busy :sweat_smile: :bleedingeyes: (*0ff9e3b3*):: We are on Saturday: Saturday- Banks and online payment systems will suffer an outage in Europe and […]


Sat Sep 24 18:19:08 2022 (*3bd42332*):: +public! News media today is try hard memeing change my mind (*3bd42332*)::


Sat Sep 24 18:24:41 2022 (*3bd42332*):: +public!


Sat Sep 24 18:09:20 2022 (*4e3d9761*):: (*4cfb807c*):: So bizarre (*6952cd93*):: yeah fucking weird shit man +public!


Sat Sep 24 18:03:58 2022 (*3bd42332*):: (*6952cd93*):: +public!


Sat Sep 24 17:44:04 2022 (*3bd42332*):: (*6952cd93*):: +public!


Sat Sep 24 00:30:35 2022 (*0ff9e3b3*):: +public! Time to pump this channel

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