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Day: November 23, 2022


Wed Nov 23 23:24:33 2022 (*6952cd93*):: lol trying to squeeze out as much as they can from the news cycle, everyone took an early holiday (*6952cd93*):: speeking of squeezing, it’s looking like shorts about to get smacked (*6952cd93*):: :desktop_computer: :telephone_receiver: :coke-sniff::notes: :chart_with_upwards_trend::stonks: +public! *** ‘S T O N K S’ | Stock Trading Synthwave/Retrowave/Retro […]


status: public Wed Nov 23 23:22:36 2022 (*6952cd93*):: +public! *** $UICIDEBOY$ – I NO LONGER FEAR THE RAZOR GUARDING MY HEEL *** YouTube


Wed Nov 23 23:19:53 2022 (*4cfb807c*):: *** Howls Of Outrage After New York Times Confirms SBF To Speak Alongside Zelenskyy, Yellen *** “How did this dude steal billions of dollars and is now speaking at a summit as a free man?” *** ZeroHedge (*6952cd93*):: it’s (((their))) circus and we’re the clowns +public!


Wed Nov 23 21:59:45 2022 (*3bd42332*):: (*6952cd93*):: +public!


status: public Wed Nov 23 21:58:47 2022 (*6952cd93*):: russian witch house +public! *** IC3PEAK – Грустная Сука / Sad Bitch *** YouTube


Wed Nov 23 21:55:31 2022 (*4cfb807c*):: *** AI Reveals New Possibilities in Matrix Multiplication | Quanta Magazine *** Inspired by the results of a game-playing neural network, mathematicians have been making unexpected advances on an age-old math problem. *** Quanta Magazine (*6952cd93*):: That’s awesome stuff. Its like newton’s method on crack +public! (*4cfb807c*):: Yeah […]


Wed Nov 23 21:43:34 2022 (*6952cd93*):: +public! *** Вокзал *** YouTube


Wed Nov 23 20:09:34 2022 (*9cb05920*):: Google Maps UFOs +public!


Wed Nov 23 19:47:04 2022 (*54b3f3ac*):: *** Thread by @LucasNuzzi on Thread Reader App *** @LucasNuzzi: 1/ Over the past few weeks, my team at @coinmetrics has been obsessed with answering one question: How did Alameda manage to lose billions of dollars of FTX user funds? I think we’ve found some…… *** (*6952cd93*):: […]


Wed Nov 23 18:46:00 2022 (*3bd42332*):: (*6952cd93*):: adbusters trying to unite populist left and right again? Occupy 2.0 wen? +public!


Wed Nov 23 18:44:25 2022 (*3bd42332*):: (*6952cd93*):: biohazard level cringe :biohazard_sign: +public!


Wed Nov 23 18:38:47 2022 (*3bd42332*):: (*6952cd93*):: +public!


Wed Nov 23 18:17:27 2022 (*3bd42332*):: (*6952cd93*):: +public!


Wed Nov 23 16:25:21 2022 (*3bd42332*):: +public! SHOCKED I tell you! Absolutely Shocked! (Not really)


Wed Nov 23 02:46:37 2022 (*9cb05920*):: BIDEN: “The failure of FTX was caused by unvaccinated crypto traders and climate change.” +public!


Wed Nov 23 02:20:13 2022 (*b05743e5*):: *** How Money From Gates And FTX Bought Scientific Silence *** Looking back, it’s utterly bizarre how the world of science could have gone so silent even as the world locked down and lives were shattered by the billions by governments the world over. The silence was deafening… […]


Wed Nov 23 01:11:37 2022 (*3bd42332*):: Ok forreal why did helmets move away from this paradigm? … visual impairment. I think that’s easily addressable nowadays… imagine this crusader can made with modern technology (*6952cd93*):: I like it. +public!

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