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Day: November 24, 2022


Thu Nov 24 23:04:14 2022 (*6952cd93*):: +public!


Thu Nov 24 22:58:37 2022 (*b05743e5*):: *** Did Sam Bankman-Fried’s millions buy the media’s loyalty? *** The mainstream news media coverage of Sam Bankman-Fried and the collapse of FTX is more than a little blasé. *** (*6952cd93*):: lol Reason is always late to the party +public!


Thu Nov 24 22:54:18 2022 (*6952cd93*):: +public!


Thu Nov 24 22:48:13 2022 (*6952cd93*):: +public!


Thu Nov 24 22:46:55 2022 (*6952cd93*):: +public!


Thu Nov 24 22:45:52 2022 (*6952cd93*):: +public!


Thu Nov 24 22:23:04 2022 (*3bd42332*):: +public! Happy thanksgiving… even to the lowbie analysts


Thu Nov 24 22:20:30 2022 (*6952cd93*):: When you look under the hood and find out most people get asthma from vaccines, especially with the insane childhood vaxx schedule in place now, absolutely none of this shit is a surprise anymore. Fun times :skull_and_crossbones: +public! *** Having asthma raises your risk of a HEART ATTACK […]


Thu Nov 24 22:06:39 2022 (*9cb05920*):: Happy Thanksgiving! +public! (*9cb05920*):: Ya jive turkey’s (*3bd42332*):: Gobble gibble Mf


Thu Nov 24 22:04:26 2022 (*6952cd93*):: The vaccine cult needs to be stopped +public! (*6952cd93*):: ^ these people are such incredible liars *** ‘Immunity debt’ is a misguided and dangerous concept *** There is no evidence that an individual is worse off for having avoided earlier infection ***


Thu Nov 24 22:00:19 2022 (*3bd42332*):: (*6952cd93*):: +public!


Thu Nov 24 21:53:53 2022 (*3bd42332*):: (*6952cd93*):: Everything sucks, newz at 11 +public!


Thu Nov 24 21:50:13 2022 (*3bd42332*):: (*6952cd93*):: ^ Dude is a bad ass +public! (*6952cd93*):: What’s funny but beyond twisted and sad for brainwashed shitlibs is that nobody in history killed more gays than their lord Fauci


Thu Nov 24 20:56:58 2022 (*9cb05920*):: Happy Thanksgiving! +public! (*9cb05920*):: Ya jive turkey’s (*9cb05920*):: Happy Thanksgiving! +public!


Thu Nov 24 05:44:32 2022 (*4e3d9761*):: (*6952cd93*):: +public!


Thu Nov 24 05:24:22 2022 (*6952cd93*):: +public!


Thu Nov 24 05:09:12 2022 (*6952cd93*):: +public! *** конец солнечных дней – разъедаешь мне нутро | Live | Стереоклуб (2021) *** YouTube

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