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Day: March 12, 2023


Sun Mar 12 18:58:24 2023 (*5b5b0ae5*):: “They are beginning to believe” (*5b5b0ae5*):: +public!


Sun Mar 12 18:27:07 2023 (*4e3d9761*):: (*5b5b0ae5*):: +public!


Sun Mar 12 07:11:40 2023 (*6952cd93*):: +public! *** Waffen-SS Soldiers Guarded the Nuremberg Trials *** YouTube


status: public Sun Mar 12 06:37:12 2023 (*6952cd93*):: Already over it +public!


Sun Mar 12 01:52:33 2023 (*5b5b0ae5*):: South Park (*5b5b0ae5*):: Love the new season (*5b5b0ae5*):: 2 episodes in. The Ye and then the Victim rebranding is hilarious (*5b5b0ae5*):: +public! (*5b5b0ae5*):: Matt Stone and Trey Parker are so fucking impressive in how they became uncancellable (*5b5b0ae5*):: Could basketball be remade?


Sun Mar 12 01:49:02 2023 (*4cfb807c*):: I’ve seen some comparisons to Savings & Loan debacle in the 80s floating around as well (*5b5b0ae5*):: +public! *** Margin Call (3/9) Movie CLIP – The Music Stops (2011) HD *** YouTube


Sun Mar 12 00:42:00 2023 (*5b5b0ae5*):: Can should I have break dance competition break out on stage? (*5b5b0ae5*):: Who doesn’t like breakdancing? (*5b5b0ae5*):: Not main characters bc what are the chances I can hire an actor / singer / breakdancer? (*5b5b0ae5*):: +public! (*5b5b0ae5*):: But extras that can breakdance? That’d be sick (*5b5b0ae5*):: If this is […]

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