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Anon Ymous

Fri Sep 30 20:13:16 2022
(*29f49ae7*):: +public!
Improbotics: Exploring the Imitation Game using Machine Intelligence in Improvised Theatre
(*29f49ae7*):: Improvised Comedy as a Turing Test
Abstract: The best improvisational theatre actors can make any scene partner, of any skill level or ability, appear talented and proficient in the art form, and thus “make them shine”. To challenge this improvisational paradigm, we built an artificial intelligence (AI) trained to perform live shows alongside human actors for human audiences. Over the course of 30 performances to a combined audience of almost 3000 people, we have refined theatrical games which involve combinations of human and (at times, adversarial) AI actors. We have developed specific scene structures to include audience participants in interesting ways. Finally, we developed a complete show structure that submitted the audience to a Turing test and observed their suspension of disbelief, which we believe is key for human/non-human theatre co-creatio +public!
(*29f49ae7*):: Yall check this out… I think similar tactics were used for the jan 6 improv
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