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Anon Ymous

Thu Mar 9 03:55:54 2023
(*5b5b0ae5*):: “Your not done yet.”

“I don’t even remember the mission.
(*5b5b0ae5*):: +public!
(*5b5b0ae5*):: This feels very true for a lot of crypto folks. They get in an lose their way.
(*5b5b0ae5*):: They forget
(*5b5b0ae5*):: Toss this into an ingroup argument scene
(*5b5b0ae5*):: I want “many faces of bitcoin” and “B ms” to be two songs that me here to one. mind if I call ya in the next few days to get ideas? I’ll explain the basis of the song and how it’d merge
(*5b5b0ae5*):: Separate but equal
(*6952cd93*):: Not at all, call away

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