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Anon Ymous

Tue Mar 17 02:32:56 2020
<8f79fcda> That’s what they want. They want people defeated without bloodshed
<8f79fcda> Right outta the playbook.
<5547a085> I would say there is a 0% chance Americans on any coast, in any state, of any affiliation would submit to a foreign invader, if it became clear who the perpetrators of assymetric war became clear: the people who bought the Russia collusion bullshit only shows the incompetence of a spectrum of fools, and so on
<9e126bf3> China is going to shit a brick when we tell them we’re cancelling every trade deal unless they forgive all our debt that we owe them because they blew up the world economy
<5547a085> Evil agents are always going to be pulling shit, but we’ll persevere in any situation

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