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Anon Ymous

Mon Jan 8 19:59:35 2024
*** Alaska 737 Max Cockpit Data Erased After Mid-Flight Door Blowout
*** “The cockpit voice recorder was completely overwritten. There was nothing on the cockpit voice recorder.” 
*** ZeroHedge

(*6952cd93*):: seems so basic to pull the recorders, wtf
(*6952cd93*):: but somehow iphones fell from 16,000 feet and were fine lmaoo
(*4297a328*):: Nokia jealous

(*4e3d9761*):: Rice University has a course called “Afrochemistry” where students will “apply chemical tools and analysis to understand Black life in the U.S.”
(*4297a328*):: Two or three honk on afrochemistry +public!
(*71144c1d*):: This sounds like it’s a class about making crack cocaine.

(*54b3f3ac*):: taught in english?!? waycist and should be taught in ebonics?
(*4297a328*):: Should be taught in clicks

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