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Anon Ymous

Fri May 15 23:28:54 2020
<9e126bf3> dude yall read my mind about bundle of stick faggots, I was literally going to bring up fasces earlier today and ask a rhetorical question about why libs and progs don’t put a fasces right in the center of the pride flag :pride: like they are a political party taking over a country
<7d56dcb3> make a fasces symbol with rainbow colored sticks
<7d56dcb3> LGBTQP+
<7d56dcb3> Stronger Together!
<7d56dcb3> btw, american indycars are basically comparable to F1 feeder series, like F2, formula renault, etc…
— F1 vs IndyCar (and others) at Circuit of the Americas

<8f79fcda> we should do it for them
<7d56dcb3> get a box of crayons and just tie them up together
<8f79fcda> hahahaha
<8f79fcda> first attempt

<7d56dcb3> looks very bdsm
<7d56dcb3> lgbt bdsm stronger together daddy
<7d56dcb3> looks like an ad for an lgbt bdms orgy
<8f79fcda> yea, it needs a set of balls to make it look like a doldo or something
<8f79fcda> maybe replace the axe head with some balls
<7d56dcb3> instead of sticks, make the dildos
<8f79fcda> ahhh yess
<7d56dcb3> cock and balls
<8f79fcda> it needs a proper background canvas
<8f79fcda> like a confederacy flag or something
<7d56dcb3> muslim flag
<8f79fcda> ooh
<7d56dcb3> isis flag
<8f79fcda> yes
<7d56dcb3> c o e x i s t
<7d56dcb3> lmfao

<8f79fcda> Getting close

<8f79fcda> all it’s really missing is a sickle

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