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Anon Ymous

Wed May 13 20:30:18 2020
<8f79fcda> <@U2S98EDNK> i wanna know what you know about how they think
<8f79fcda> <;cid=C0L7GBHE1>
— i know exactly how they think…
<8f79fcda> if it makes any difference – i’ve been ripped-off by several versions of chicoms
<8f79fcda> anchor baby chicoms… FOB chicoms… white folks that work for the chicoms…
<8f79fcda> i work with some suspected chicoms as well (evidence to be determined) but you get my point
<7d56dcb3> well for one, you have to stop believing in your own propaganda… anything coming out of fulan gong or any of their “media outlets” is utter bullshit…
most people don’t trust chicoms, but are usually just suckered in by what they think is a good deal… like low prices on <|> lol
<8f79fcda> never heard of fulan gong
<8f79fcda> at least not until it was mentioned today

<8f79fcda> okay, that’s good and fine to know
<8f79fcda> give me the <@U2S98EDNK>Uncensored version of chicommery
<5547a085> I have also never heard of fulan gong
<8f79fcda> *desiretoknowmoreintensifies.gif*
<7d56dcb3> they basically operate like our own government… with all the good and bad that comes with it…
<7d56dcb3> no government is perfect, they do have a good side, as well as a bad side. their economic and domestic agendas are publicly available on wikipedia…
<8f79fcda> &gt; wikipedia
&gt; wumaopedia
<7d56dcb3> if you got burned by them, blame it on their hyper-capitalism.
<8f79fcda> yea, not all mulsims are terrorists either. still doesn’t excise the core tenets of communism from their government’s core ideology
<7d56dcb3> you mean their goal for a “moderately prosperous society”? ie… growing their middle class?
<7d56dcb3> ok so to explain to you the ccp in terms you can understand…
<7d56dcb3> they’re basically like china’s jews… the people you can’t criticize because they have power over you.
<7d56dcb3> think of how the jews have the ADL… control the media… banking… etc… and shutdowns anything that is remotely deemed “antisemitic”… that’s my most basic understanding of the ccp… and there is very good reason for this…
<7d56dcb3> jews were very much involved in the early days of the CCP…
<8f79fcda> lol, well… i have plenty to criticize jews over. that also doesn’t mean i’m going to start an ethnofascist combine
<8f79fcda> shit, i’m pretty sure marx was jewish
<8f79fcda> and was friends with mao
<5547a085> The bolsheiviks as well
<8f79fcda> ^
<8f79fcda> tell me something i don’t know about CCP that makes them less tyrannical that they are
<7d56dcb3> ccp are no more “tyrannical” than south korea, japan, taiwan, and singapore. that’s just good east asian confucian governance.
<7d56dcb3> the biggest difference i think is that the ccp doesn’t push degeneracy the way the jews do…
<7d56dcb3> <>
— Shanghai is One of the Greatest Jewish Cities Ever Constructed
— It’s current success is a function of that history.

<9e126bf3> I remember Falun Gong from my days at UT. Anti-falun gong seems like ccp propaganda but then the CIA involvement can’t be ignored
<9e126bf3> I wonder who would win in a cage match: Plato or Confucius
<9e126bf3> we might find out
<8f79fcda> that would be a dope ANN model
<7d56dcb3> <>
— Mao’s Jews
— On Oct. 1, 1967, China’s National Day, Sidney Rittenberg had reached the pinnacle of his revolutionary career.

<7d56dcb3> &gt; I wonder who would win in a cage match: Plato or Confucius
<7d56dcb3> epic rap battles of history did a video…
<7d56dcb3> <>
— Eastern Philosophers vs Western Philosophers. Epic Rap Battles of History

<8f79fcda> i wrote a paper in college about chinese warring states period vs. roman empire expansionism
<7d56dcb3> that’s a jackie chan movie: dragon blade
<7d56dcb3> i think
<9e126bf3> sweet
<7d56dcb3> <>
— Dragon Blade (2015 Movie – Jackie Chan, John Cusack, Adrien Brody) – Official Trailer

<7d56dcb3> if you’ve ever seen an ad for shen yun… that’s fulan gong lol
<7d56dcb3> considering the size of their production vs their ad budget… it’s pretty obvious they’re getting nation-state funding…

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