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Anon Ymous

Thu May 14 18:30:45 2020
<7d56dcb3> you guys ready to live without anything made from china?
<9e126bf3> yup, ready to pay 3x to 5x too for the same stuff, whatever it takes
<7d56dcb3> you might be ok with it, but think of the pain for the average consumer. trump could loose the election over this if it pisses off enough people that they can’t get their cheap chinese shit anymore. and i’m talking about walmart. imagine paying 3x to 5x more for basic shit at walmart.
<7d56dcb3> this is probably just a bargaining chip trump is trying to use to get a better trade deal though… gotta show that he’s not afraid to walk… no matter how disastrous that would be, for the country and for his presidency.

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