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Anon Ymous

Thu May 14 18:48:45 2020
<9e126bf3> the average consumer just lost their job because China lied and people died. 3x to 5x is temporary until we rebuild our productive capacity at home. Then costs will come back down
<9e126bf3> jobs will go back up
<9e126bf3> and we will kick ass again
<9e126bf3> IMO The disaster already happened, we have been living it- it was when we moved our productive capacity away because disloyal people sold us all out. If his legacy becomes that he brought all that back, he will go down in history as a top president. Even union Dems would love that
<5547a085> 5x is better than hyperinflation and a short term pain for a long term benefit
<8f79fcda> More durable goods made with US steel would be nice

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