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Anon Ymous

Mon Feb 3 18:13:51 2020
<40112834> Wolfgang Halbig arrested in FL – RIP Truthseekers – <|>
<2609eaea> Before I leave I gotta say: look at the dates…

Putin takes total control and gov quits. Maybe total control is the only way to deal with pandemics.

Senate in trial for two weeks. Look at senate rules with no phones and shit. Also why a quick trial? We need to deal with this instead of the virus. Senators should be coordinating with their states today but stuck listening to bs.

China loses 50-200M is a benefit. Same with ru and Iran. Usa loses that much? Isreal and Japan? UK and South Korea? Canada? Even proportional amounts = big fucking problem. Over population is solved for certain groups like turkey and others.

Troops are located in tight quarters all over the world. Very easy to spread.

Chi ru Iran war games right after attack. Why did we get off so easily?

Auto industry? Not needed where high speed rails are.

Oil? No cars or planes moving. Less travel. Banks are over leveraged in oil and gas. Price tanks and boA and others are fucked.

Voting booths at primaries have a lot of people in dirty places. Super bowl has people in dirty places.

Hk? Was fucked by economy already. Now destroyed.

North Korea promised us a Christmas present. Kim Mentioned new weapon and not worried about nukes.

Ohhhhh and btw look at the turkey Assad and isreal bombardments yesterday. Totally not in the news. Pence and Putin were in isreal same day 1/23

Trade agreement to import Chinese chicken. Look up super bugs in their chicken factories.

MSM and edu bought by chi.

I have more random stuff but I had to get this out.

Oh and Japan is moving a carrier to Mid East. Our troops in Africa (Somalia)

Why aren’t there more tests? Hospitals not allowed to order em. Must go through the party. Probably bc they napped the tests and supplies for 3B.

USA enjoys super bowl and msm pushes the flu?
<2609eaea> One more thing: remember my journeys into the China channels? Their shit talk was bad. Look back at old messages (some plain text) which they talked in a Confucius way. It seemed weird at the time.

Also the racism card is their big play. Anyone that says that is using the playbook.

Racism accusations means their excuses given to them have run out. And they use that as their last resort.

We are on the last resort bc racism is a main story. Which means the next narrative probably isn’t good bc it means next phase (I’m guessing).

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