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Anon Ymous

Sat Mar 14 22:05:06 2020
<75f07d61> <@U036M05JL> that meme isn’t accurate. You’re telling me the border states have less illegals than the coastal states? Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona all have high illegal immigrants and yet they aren’t included?
Washington state was the first place corona was reported. Of coarse the state is going to be on there. We don’t know how the virus is spreading cause the data is being curated. Also doctors have been following protocol and are withholding testing.
Guys, it’s gotten to the point that the University of Washington had to invent it’s own corona test and file it under research – just to bypass restrictions.
I believe we’re just getting started in seeing the spread of it.
Don’t you find it odd that our own government is following similar methods of china by withholding data and limiting testing?

I hope this is overblown, but I aint taking the risk of exposing my family. Italy is up to 1266 since Friday. The nursing home in Washington, 60 are in the hospital, 66 employees are showing symptoms, and 25 died.

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