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Anon Ymous

Wed May 13 16:40:26 2020
<8f79fcda> it’s the result of phony capitalists exploiting communism in the name of capitalism
<7d56dcb3> more like greedy capitalists capitalizing a bad situation
<7d56dcb3> and honestly… N95 isn’t enough. a fucking super power like american should be providing healthcare workers 3M PAPR suits.
<8f79fcda> <@U2S98EDNK> are you aware that marx coined the term capitalism as the counterpoint to communists soas to create a friction point between those who have capital and those who dont?
<8f79fcda> playing in to the capitalism/communism dicotomy is playing right into their hands
<7d56dcb3> easy to say when it doesn’t support your narrative
<7d56dcb3> so wait… if covid-19 is a hoax, then why do we care about counterfeit masks?
<7d56dcb3> we should be calling them “freedom masks” instead!
<7d56dcb3> fake masks for a fake virus!
<8f79fcda> red herring.

marx DID coin the term capitalism
<7d56dcb3> well atleast they’re getting masks, even if they are counterfeit. the fucking CDC was recommending hospital workers wear fucking bandanas and scarves.
<8f79fcda> what’s your narrative <@U2S98EDNK>?
<8f79fcda> better yet – what do you think my narrative is?
<7d56dcb3> “capitalism good, socialism bad”
i would say… there are good aspects to both… and reality is not so black and white…
<8f79fcda> do you know what Stalin said about socialism?
<8f79fcda> to be more clear – the _goal of socialism_

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