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Anon Ymous

Wed May 13 19:11:28 2020
<9e126bf3> It’s all just state capitalist authoritarianism, thats what feudalism gave way to. And it is leading us back to feudalism except within a global interconnected system: neo-feudalism. We are guilty too. The difference with us is that we have guns and instead of putting us away for saying things, they just ban us on social media lol. And that could change if we don’t keep talking shit and pushing back. It’s inherent to US culture to be skeptical of authority.
<9e126bf3> *We as in the US…. we the people are a pain in the ass and hard to control, which is why we are bad ass
<9e126bf3> the word capitalism just sucks anyway. Just invokes a dude with a top hat and monocle. Who relates to that?
<9e126bf3> Everyone can relate to free markets though
<5547a085> False, their platform was verbatim “National Socialism”, Nazi Germany was a centrally planned, state run command labor force and economy
<7d56dcb3> while also railing against (((globalists, communists, and internationalists)))
<5547a085> I don’t really see a distinction
<8f79fcda> Ethnocentric National Socialism?
<7d56dcb3> fake masks, hoarders, resellers, and price gougers are also part of the “free market”
<5547a085> State-capitalists, crony capitalists, command economy, world governance, globalism, Modern monetary theory …
<7d56dcb3> and any government that tries to intervene is “authoritarian”
<7d56dcb3> germany was, and still is, an ethnostate.
<7d56dcb3> look at their citizenship laws. there’s an ethnic component.
<7d56dcb3> unlike say france, or america, or the uk.
<7d56dcb3> israel is also an ethnostate btw
<5547a085> Israel is far more an ethnostate than any other country you listed
<5547a085> Germany is not an ethnostste, most countries respect heritage in their citizenship laws
<8f79fcda> i’m confused on the lead comment… yes we do rail against communists, _and_ nationalist socialists… (generally the people in here regard internationalists/globalists in the same camp as commies)
<9e126bf3> Yes. They are. Because free markets are self correcting
<8f79fcda> one version is stratified on economic grounds, the other is stratified on ethnographic grounds
<9e126bf3> Gov ignores that, does shit, market works around it and grows in spite of gov authorities regulations, then gov claims growth happened because they intervened
<5547a085> An “ethnostate” is not a qualifying aspect to globalist or communist agenda
<7d56dcb3> how do we “self correct” against counterfeit masks, hoarders, and price gougers?
<9e126bf3> Natural web of trust.
<9e126bf3> Bad actors cant keep making money unless they ca hide their frauds using government apparatus
<9e126bf3> *can
<7d56dcb3> china is a commie ethnostate… and so is russia i suppose…
<7d56dcb3> north korea too…
<5547a085> The macro theory is the root here: effective finance, decentralized and individual actors working with capital in the market place without restriction, no state intermediaries, no centralized state planning
<8f79fcda> yes. all of those aspects are counter to a centralized authoritarian regime that is codified in both communism and national socialism…
<5547a085> Any ethnicity can transact in capital, gold, silver, crypto, write and sign contracts, to attempt to distinguish ethnostste is a non sequitur
<9e126bf3> If I buy a bunch of masks from a certain seller that turn out frauds, I will warn others I do business with. That warning ripples out across the web of trust. Eventually nobody will buy from those people if enough warnings ripple out
<9e126bf3> They either have to change their ways or cease to exist
<7d56dcb3> whoah man that sounds like globalist communist internationalism… before you know it, you’ll be selling your soul to the chinese!
<5547a085> A historical grouping or the likelihood that similar ethnicities will group geographically is an ecology or sociological discussion, and to attempt to run a centrally planned “biological agenda” is just as disgusting and would be just as poorly disastrous for anything communists touch
<7d56dcb3> so a feedback/review system…
<5547a085> I doubt it
<8f79fcda> (<@U07MMSG8M> i don’t think we’ve enlightened him to the nuance between chinese people and the maoist CCP)
<7d56dcb3> i suppose you guys aren’t fans of the volkish movement… lol
<75f07d61> “Don’t let a good crises go to waste.”
This is playing out with a lot of the bullshit were seeing. Opportunities, power grabs,…
<7d56dcb3> lol i probably interact with more chinese and ccp party members than you…
<7d56dcb3> they’re everywhere in asian spacies…
<5547a085> If you see Chinese characters on a mask you ordered, chances are high it is faulty or of poor quality … If it says 3M, or ABC Made in USA, and the market price was fair, chances are it will be correctly to specification
<5547a085> I don’t see mask hoarding as an issue either: the demand is up, supply is down … Its called price discovery
<7d56dcb3> if you bought your mask from some rando on facebook making home made masks…
<7d56dcb3> it’s probably not up to spec…
<7d56dcb3> i know exactly how they think…
<5547a085> That’s not necessarily true, there are talented producers
<8f79fcda> feel free to enlighten us
<5547a085> The n95, p100 specifications are an open standard
<7d56dcb3> &gt; probably
<7d56dcb3> god i really regret not getting a respirator when times were good…
<7d56dcb3> like one of those painting masks…
<8f79fcda> :dancer: i got one 2 weeks before they sold out at home depot
<5547a085> Lol, they were available up to about March 10th or so at McCoys
<5547a085> The filters are the most important, you can still get the half and full mask respirators sans the filter*
<7d56dcb3> but fuck it it’s not like i’m into german cyber goth lol
<5547a085> Amazon seems to indicate orders put in now for filters would ship in June, its not exactly too late, the production is just staggered due to demand
<5547a085> We all cyberpunk now, just like the Merovingian club in matrix 2
<7d56dcb3> lookup nathan rich on youtube…
<5547a085> This is why macro is so badass, I don’t need to know Saudis, CCP members, venezuelan, Russian, Australian, emeratis in dubai … Its macro!
<7d56dcb3> we’re all playing death stranding irl
<5547a085> And all state run enterprises are zombie institutions and wherever they are, individuals suffer and are dependent on a sick creature
<7d56dcb3> i dunno man that sounds like globalist communist internationalism to me…
<5547a085> U will learn one day the distinction
<7d56dcb3> add north koreans, nazis, and jihadists to your list…

<8f79fcda> if you want a listicle i’m sure we could provide :man-shrugging:
<5547a085> N. Koreans are low threat, Nazis have been out of play since 1945, jihadists are geographically isolated to Eurasia
<7d56dcb3> woosh
<5547a085> CCP is the largest threat factor globally
<8f79fcda> “-isms” and their agents “-ists” … by their fundamental nature cause conflict
<8f79fcda> <;cid=C0L7GBHE1>
— i know exactly how they think…
<8f79fcda> never played death stranding so yes… very woosh
<5547a085> If you jerked off today, -100 social credit points, a local party official and his friends will be paying you a visit, and also confiscating any gold, silver, crypto or guns you may have. All of your social contacts will be alerted to this infraction. I hope you like 5 years hard labor to work off the offence. G’luck.
<5547a085> (Meanwhile inner party officials are getting the finest sex slaves servicing them in a high tower somewhere)
<5547a085> “Some farm animals are more important than others”

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