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Anon Ymous

Wed Feb 19 01:15:17 2020
<8f79fcda> This convo is kinda funny. One one hand, code is free speech. Potato gunz are cool, aristotle is a commie. but if you were to create intellectual property that isn’t free, thereby making you a gatekeeper to society, then you’re in the same boat as aristotle the commie
<8f79fcda> now, it’s very possible i’m missing the point… i take issue with elon saying it’s the inept government’s job to regulate AI
<8f79fcda> we’d all probably agree that there is not a sufficient framework to put boundaries around applications of AI
<9e126bf3> yeah you’re missing the point. This isn’t about IP, it’s about the government regulating who can legally write what kinds of code
<8f79fcda> yea fosho
<8f79fcda> fact is no individual would be able to create a sufficiently powerful AI without a gigantic organization around it
<9e126bf3> the AI doom thing is being used as yet another trial balloon to see how far people are willing to abridge their liberty in exchange for safety
<9e126bf3> its exactly the same thing as people thinking gun manufacturers should be on the hook for homicide committed with their firearms
<8f79fcda> it’s like watching the matrix and people willingly plugging themselves into the machine
<9e126bf3> yes absolutely
<8f79fcda> that “gun makers are on the hook” is fucking hilarious
<9e126bf3> yeah it is madness
<8f79fcda> so you’re telling me… you’re gonna sue the copany for making a working product???
<9e126bf3> lmao

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