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Anon Ymous

Mon Feb 3 16:34:04 2020
<2609eaea> FYI if you get a telegram message from “me” asking for crypto it’s not. Someone has control of an account tied to a phone number I’ve cancelled and an old email I can’t get in.

Reminds me of the shit from 17’ when the scanners were out there.

Someone alerted me and is taking screen shots. I haven’t had telegram since around June.

Fuckk today is going to be unproductive as fuck.

Going dark for a few hrs to grab some supplies. Assuming everything compromised and grabbing a trusted new thingy.

<2609eaea> Mike I will make the same suggestion from the other night while talking on the walk to the pwc thing for verification.
<773ab1f1> 10-4
<773ab1f1> Can’t think of the exact thing that was said. I’m sure I will remember if brought up. You can also talk about what _exactly_ we did directly before that event.

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