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Anon Ymous

Mon May 11 21:18:57 2020
<21c2e595> Noooooo
<21c2e595> Sad. This will happen to at least 20pct of restaurants I think.
<21c2e595> A manager that does downtown bars in austin said he alrdy knows of around 10 that wont reopen
<21c2e595> The solution can be worse than the virus narrative I guess got thrown out the window.
<21c2e595> Mama fus is open for dine in and full hours.
<21c2e595> They ain’t the best but they have beer and are open! Good for them. They a pretty small corp in Texas. Only like 9 locations or so
<9e126bf3> It turns out the virus IS the solution because Dems think we are the virus
<9e126bf3> that is cool, respect for Mama Fus
<21c2e595> Ya I’m buying beer and eggs rolls from them right now.
<9e126bf3> sweet
<21c2e595> I’m on a search for the real businesses in town that arnt being subservient fags
<9e126bf3> when you find it, let me know :joy:
<9e126bf3> I saw a couple open on west 6th
<9e126bf3> the other day when I was headed to my storage unit downtown
<9e126bf3> people drinking on a patio, chillin, no fear

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