atx crypto club



Anon Ymous

Mon May 11 21:36:33 2020
<8f79fcda> 0:00 utc movement begins now if we go by last week’s lessons learned <@U07MMSG8M>
<21c2e595> Where was that <@U03694HFD>? we need to make a list in here for that. Maybe make a new channel. There isnt a good source of that info yet and ppl most def want it
<21c2e595> I put a side channel on open4biz to list open businesses grinding it out. Please put any biz in there that is open in your area if ya can. <!channel>
<87db2fe9> ^ goos idea. <#C013DQUQLRK|open4biz> to make it easy to join

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