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Anon Ymous

Thu May 14 18:16:24 2020
<773ab1f1> What commodity you guys think will be next?

<8f79fcda> toilet paper
<8f79fcda> meat
<8f79fcda> tree pulp to be more specific
<8f79fcda> cotton
<8f79fcda> corn
<8f79fcda> corn is probs my top bet
<8f79fcda> <>
— Top 10 Produce Crops Grown in the U.S. | AgAmerica Lending
— See the top 10 produce crops grown in the U.S. and how they are the focus of the Southeast Produce Council’s Southern Exposure event.

<8f79fcda> corn makes the most sense since ranchers are being told to cull their herds

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