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Anon Ymous

Sat May 16 17:29:50 2020
<7d56dcb3> ok but what cool things have they actually done though? give me a proof of concept…
<773ab1f1> the wrapped btc stuff and all the kewl open finance stuff
<7d56dcb3> my impression of eth is that it only looks and sounds cool, but none of it is actually useful for anything…
<7d56dcb3> it’s all cool looking horseshit
<7d56dcb3> it’s like the ricer of the crypto world lol
<7d56dcb3> lmao i can’t believe someone actually asked this…
— Proof of Concept Ethereum
— i knew about proof of Work and proof of Stake in term of Ethereum. But recently i heard something about proof of concept in Ethereum. Can anyone explain what it means by proof of concept? How does…

<7d56dcb3> proof of work? proof of stake? nah man, proof of concept!

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