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Anon Ymous

Sat May 16 17:48:08 2020
<8f79fcda> Proof of concept… is a standard business term
<8f79fcda> Eth is the darling child of crypto – it can do no wrong, is conceptually perfect and they have nyan cat and unicorns
<8f79fcda> It’s a hype machine that convinces companies they need solidity developers and they allocate megabuck budgets to these projects that are doomed to fail because the companies eventually figure out they have to cede some leverage to their collectivist industry groups
<8f79fcda> Which is ridiculous
<8f79fcda> Not to mention that pos is an anchorless premise that only has a basis in collective delusion and there’s no expectation of translating the code into meatspace force/distance calculations like pow
<8f79fcda> If you have more coins, you make more coins
<8f79fcda> It will by far create more income inequality in a long timescale than btc
<8f79fcda> Not to mention the DAO debacle
<8f79fcda> And how they “whoopsie let’s delete that”
<8f79fcda> And now a choice between the regular world where laws can be re-written or a bunch of zealots who think code is irrevocable law … unless they say “whoopsies let’s delete that”

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