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Anon Ymous

Sat May 16 21:50:54 2020
<5547a085> <@U2S98EDNK> The market cap of ETH is the main delimiter here. I don’t drive BMW or Lexus, but they are coop cars. BMW motor bikes are dope, but I would buy a Honda if I ever got one. Why? It doesnt matter. The MC and ecosystem is large enough for the diverse (yes, the proper diverse nomenclature) of markets
<5547a085> Metamask, for example is quite novel
<5547a085> Idex, ddex … All the smart contract integration. It doesnt matter if the volume is in the low 100ks or even 10ks or 100s, the operating costs of all these platforms is pennies because the robust decentralization is continually battle proven
<5547a085> I don’t even necessarily disagree with most of what Vitalik, tone veys, Craig wright, the BCH dude, the Larimer brothers has to say — they are manifesting idempotent infrastructure that is like a free corporate division for anyone that plugs into their network at par cost of the token … This is the strength of crypto, and even DOGE floating a cool $300M MC, $50M daily volume at 3% or 4% between sub-sat moves 27, 28, 30, 26 is more than enough to run <|> and fund PR maintenance on within and pay some devs to integrate

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