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Anon Ymous

Fri Jan 31 19:11:34 2020
<9e126bf3> someone find a coronavirus black swan meme
<21c2e595> i just started to scale into leap puts. they are not losing value this week even with the run up so that inteeresting.

<21c2e595> that corona virus is so ovwerblown. its basically the flu.
<9e126bf3> whether or not it’s overblown, the response will have a big footprint
<8f79fcda> yea, china ports are slowing down
<21c2e595> id say that respons has been had this week would you?
<21c2e595> i mean eqs are down over 2% today
<9e126bf3> Airlines cancelling flights, lots of things still yet to get disrupted <>
— Delta, American, United to suspend all China mainland flights as coronavirus crisis grows
— Delta Air Lines and American Airlines on Friday announced they would cancel all of their China flights in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

<9e126bf3> AA suspending China flights until March 28… I mean, that’s gonna leave a mark
<21c2e595> someone told me that theres a case at UT
<8f79fcda> One positive externality is these larping commies in America are probs changing their minds on “open borders”
<21c2e595> so they say. they can easily change that in a days notice
<21c2e595> 2 months seems very dramatic
<9e126bf3> It is dramatic
<9e126bf3> Not normal
<21c2e595> AAL stock isnt buyin it atm
<21c2e595> <>

<21c2e595> right on major support
<21c2e595> which is also 618 from 2008 run up
<9e126bf3> $AAL all time chart is crazy. What a run after the merger… low was $0.36 on Nov 2, 2012 lol

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