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Anon Ymous

Wed Feb 12 03:10:52 2020
<5547a085> Eeek, probably sooner than friday, needs to close a candle above 10k, the weekly is far from done
<5547a085> It feels right tho
<5547a085> If I say it, like the gold foil experiment proving quantum forces susceptible to thought, its going to be mad bearish
<9e126bf3> next leg up in $ETC is about to kick in
<5547a085> So I am just going to quietly be ssshhh and let it happen
<9e126bf3> nah put some bear in the air, I still need to get back to my full $ETCG position 😥
<8f79fcda> BEAR IS BEAR
<9e126bf3> it will probably open another 10% up
<8f79fcda> BEAR IS DRUNK
<9e126bf3> :shittybear:
<8f79fcda> :shittybear:

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