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Anon Ymous

Wed Feb 12 19:38:45 2020
<21c2e595> deribit says its kyc alrweady but i dont think they are going to enforce it strictly. vpn still works too
<8f79fcda> New feature on Coinbase … they must have a lot of coin just sitting around

<21c2e595> <@U036M05JL> kinda,. lots of res here. plus 618 retrace is right above us
<21c2e595> oh boy. my CPA told me that for this year IRS requires he ask all clients if they have crypto exposure
<9e126bf3> did CB open up margin for all instead of just accredited investors?
<8f79fcda> It would appear so
<8f79fcda> This is Coinbase pro not normie Coinbase
<9e126bf3> oh snap! I was wondering if that was going to happen
<9e126bf3> yeah
<8f79fcda> Which is like saying “the normie is making fun of normie”
<9e126bf3> their pro exchange is quite good if you’re already in the system
<9e126bf3> lol
<8f79fcda> Yup

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