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Anon Ymous

Tue Feb 18 15:22:09 2020
<773ab1f1> Oh snap

<8f79fcda> Defi got hacked?
<773ab1f1> check that twitter thread
<773ab1f1> so turns out it’s less ‘decentralized finance’ more ‘open finance’. As in, open to anyone in the world for them to launch their fun new attacks.
<8f79fcda> <|>
— The Inevitable Hack of DeFi: Examining Historical Cryptocurrency Attacks
— Learn more about historical cryptocurrency hacks and what we’ve learned from them. This article analyzes how DeFi can protect itsef from an inevtiable hack.

<8f79fcda> Oh boy
<8f79fcda> Next thing you know people will start hiring private military contractors to enforce their contracts
<8f79fcda> Another run up to 10k

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