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Anon Ymous

Mon Feb 24 20:41:28 2020
<643f1644> I’m not convinced we’ve seen the dip yet
<8f79fcda> there’s a gap at 1400 that hasn’t been filled
<8f79fcda> :angry_kanye:
<21c2e595> <@U03694HFD> ya i bought i lil for a scalp but i covered them already. sold some vix call spreads for longer term
<21c2e595> <@U0F3N7HC0> eqs or btc?
<643f1644> @
<643f1644> <@U8F8V823B> good point, i was thinking eqs
<643f1644> If btc is “digital gold,” could see normies flooding in
<21c2e595> ah ok. 5% drop is a pretty decent dip tho. but ya maybe it does carry on here
<21c2e595> <>

<21c2e595> we havnt ven broke trend yet with this drop. ill be more bearish if we get below that
<21c2e595> <>

<21c2e595> if it does not hold here it likely will get very ugly tho.

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