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Anon Ymous

Tue Feb 25 23:19:38 2020
<9e126bf3> The thing that is different now- the Fed is unleashed and will do anything to prevent a major crash since the stakes are even higher now. In the 2007 crash aftermath we had TARP and QE but the intelligentsia floated the idea that Timothy Geithner as Treasury Secretary should just mint a Trillion Dollar coin and walk across the street and deposit it at the Fed…. as crazy and loose as that sounds, they are going to resort to even crazier shit like that to cover the downside this time…. like say mint a $1T coin then use it in a program to directly buy stocks instead of gov debt
<9e126bf3> The rush to cash liquidity in a panic is strong and it could likely crush all the safe havens like gold and Bitcoin (though the bounce in BTC would be so epic)
<9e126bf3> but the Fed and global central banking in general has gone off the rails and would probably experiment with extreme shit just to nominally float people’s accounts then deal with the recoil after
<9e126bf3> tldr; timing a sell is nearly fucking impossible because we don’t have a proper market, a true reset will come like a thief in the night
<75f07d61> Christ! If we go into negative interest rates wow! What would that even look like?
<5547a085> It would look like an insane clown posse world
<75f07d61> Gimme DAT SHIT!!
<5547a085> We need a bunch of raspberry pi’s along the sidewalks to detect the “blood in the streets” buy signal

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