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Anon Ymous

Thu Feb 27 16:10:07 2020
<5547a085> How many of their parts are sourced from China?
<8f79fcda> hard to say. i know they either delayed building or shut down one of their factories in china
<5547a085> BTC bounce from 8800
<8f79fcda> i bought $PLL yesterday – pure play american lithium mining operation
<21c2e595> <@U036M05JL> how dare you talk about my savior elon like that. he is immune to all disease.
<8f79fcda> lol
<8f79fcda> :coronaswan:
<8f79fcda> they dont make many sales at all in china either, not even top 20 in plugin ev companies over there (according to some news i read)
<8f79fcda> so it’s not a revenue problem vis-a-vis tesla/china
<5547a085> Overheard from coworker last week: “I love elon/tesla … he is a billionaire but at least spends his money on the majestic … Rockets … [Further praises]”
<5547a085> But … Spacex is subsidized
<21c2e595> tsla is njumber one is sales no matter what. china juist lying about that too 😉
<5547a085> And even if all cars are electric tomorrow, it reduces global emissions on -4% (ref: Montana Skeptic)
<8f79fcda> that’s so cringe i had to make…. drumroll pleaaaassseeeeee
<5547a085> *drum roll*
<8f79fcda> bleeding eyes

<5547a085> :drum_with_drumsticks:
<8f79fcda> :bleedingeyes:
<21c2e595> about 85% of starbucks are back iopen in china
<8f79fcda> bold move
<8f79fcda> let’s see how that plays out
<21c2e595> bold move cotton.
<8f79fcda> ironic the communists use capitalism as their metric of success
<5547a085> Corona is probably a technocrat play to sweep the streets and get the robots/automation in bigger play
<8f79fcda> for “defeating” :shittycorona:
<21c2e595> foxxconn has been open since 2/10
<8f79fcda> the ghost of steve jobs – i may never buy another cell phone from china – it’s too easy of a vector for viral transmission
<5547a085> No more fortune cookies
<21c2e595> fo u
<21c2e595> does ZH ever have bullish news??
<5547a085> Gold is always bullish
<5547a085> Lol
<21c2e595> well i dont know about that
<5547a085> Also ARs and survival gear
<21c2e595> gdx gettin smashed even with gold higher. this might be a consolidation spot for da gold
<21c2e595> been trading pms <@U03694HFD>?
<21c2e595> long some planes ?

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