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Anon Ymous

Thu Feb 27 17:12:47 2020
<21c2e595> silver looks like bootae!
<5547a085> Long psilo, and other mushrooms that are super immune system boosters
<5547a085> It turns out mushrooms are like natures machine learning
<5547a085> They crank out solutions to everything
<5547a085> Silver will probably touch 18/oz
<21c2e595> it did alrdy and was rejected hard in the 18 handle
<8f79fcda> i bought a 3x long silver bull thingy
<8f79fcda> last i bought silver i bought the coins at a pawn shop at 30$ apiece when i was prepping
<8f79fcda> had to sell them for 20$ a pop because i was broke
<5547a085> Youre right, its too late
<21c2e595> ya when i first started investin trading i bought pms almost at aths…. :confounded:
<21c2e595> silver premium was like 15%. it was crazy..

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