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Anon Ymous

Wed Mar 11 01:27:27 2020
<773ab1f1> Holy shit my neighbor works at southwest in communications and she looks like she just saw a ghost
<773ab1f1> Her job is literary bagdhad bob for the airline pilots. Tellin them everything is gonna be alright
<773ab1f1> The CEO sent an all hands message today and said the numbers were worse than post 9/11
<773ab1f1> All spending has been stopped. That includes food for lunch and learns and shit. _no spending_
<773ab1f1> People are mildly fearful for their jobs
<40112834> Hahaha. I miss Bob. He was awesome. At ADC right now, only 3 entry points to hospital. 6 police cars in front. Cross examination for wrist bands for entry.
<773ab1f1> All hiring has been frozen

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