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Anon Ymous

Thu Mar 12 19:34:13 2020
<6707bcd9> I’m not saying stuff isn’t tumbling at the present moment. What I am saying is that you can see beyond that, and eventually the panic will be over. This situation has a timer on it. We know because of china and s korea that it can be contained, it will be hard and takes some time, but it will be done
<6707bcd9> All the money that’s being taken out of the market has to go somewhere, people don’t sit on cash in the long run, so where are they gonna put it? Probably back in the market
<6707bcd9> Which means when this situation blows over, odds are there’s gonna be a quick rebound
<6707bcd9> Do with this information what you will, I’m certainly not giving advice, but calling this the end of the world is loserthink

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