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Anon Ymous

Thu Mar 12 21:27:34 2020
<8f79fcda> 6 weeks – once spring hits. I hope.
<8f79fcda> <;f=m10&amp;g=15&amp;st=log&amp;t=l>
<8f79fcda> vix is trending up despite being in a bear market
<75f07d61> Hopefully that’s the case!
<8f79fcda> on a bright note… i had barely enough cash for .5 btc 3 weeks ago
<8f79fcda> and now i have enough for a whole btc
<8f79fcda> spring clears these viruses for the most part
<9e126bf3> king dollar crushing it
<9e126bf3> every king needs a crown :shittycorona:


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