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Anon Ymous

Fri Mar 13 01:56:48 2020
<8f79fcda> People trying to kill the hustle
<8f79fcda> That’s fucked
<8f79fcda> I wish we had an emoji guy snorting a kebab
<8f79fcda> We really are in range of 1400$ coins
<9e126bf3> Worst 1W BTCUSD closes:
Dec 11, 2013: -40%
Jan 7, 2015: -38.9%
Jan 4, 2017: -31.5%
Jan 10, 2018: -25.34%
Jan 31, 2018: -26.13%
Nov 14, 2018: -21.27%
second week in march 2020: -47% so far
<9e126bf3> some good fight at 4k at least
<5547a085> deribit just closed a minute candle at 3800
<5547a085> its either back up to ~4500 in the next few hours, or below this point a major sell off
<9e126bf3> if 3k breaks… my God
<5547a085> I never believed that BTC could trade at zero, lol
<5547a085> doge at 31 sats
<5547a085> XRP at $0.12
<5547a085> BSV at $100
<9e126bf3> crypto failed the exam… Had 11 years to prepare… spent all its time getting drunk and arguing with ppl
<9e126bf3> maybe next semester big guy
<5547a085> will buyers show up?
<5547a085> 1500? 1000?
<5547a085> 1 year? 6 months? 5 years?
<5547a085> Gold dipped, oil closed at 31
<9e126bf3> king dollar is king, says fuck you to all. Even the Fed can’t control it. Maybe it is sentient
<5547a085> deribit book closed a candle at 3600
<21c2e595> wow just got to the cpu after putting baby to bed
<21c2e595> holy moly!
<21c2e595> i always take my short off right b4 the major part of the dumps. ha
<21c2e595> shorts are paying longs .5% per 8hrs right now
<21c2e595> :scream:
<5547a085> The spread at 3800 is tight as fuck
<21c2e595> <>

<|[9:06 PM]>
just pulling up some chart action on btc. it came to a horizontal ive had on the chart for a long time. did not think it would be going there. but it has broke the major trendline from the rally. Technically speaking it is in black hole type situation. pretty much until it gets back above that or to KISS, 6k

*<|Z>*  <|[9:16 PM]>
we are at around the 786 retrace from the 2015 low. the 886 is at 2300.
vol profile is showing this area is critical. losing the low 3s would be very bad. as the largest volume node zoomed out is sub 1k.
<|[9:17 PM]>
also approching record volume compared to 2017 peak and last years pump.
<21c2e595> heres some stuff i wrote a bit ago about it
<5547a085> I drew a fib retrace and a gann fan, and it has held up all day to the line
<5547a085> again, 618 retrace to 3800 like clockwork
<5547a085> <>
<21c2e595> send me your chart maaan

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