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Anon Ymous

Tue Mar 17 17:16:27 2020
<21c2e595> The City of Austin is closing bars. Restaurants may be open for pick-up only. Dine in service will be prohibited. Gatherings of people of more than 10 are banned, both indoor and outdoor, except govt buildings, schools/colleges, grocery stores/pharmacies.
<21c2e595> <@U3TK24FU1> desperation. its the only thing left in the cannon really. they almost did it too to scare ppl or something…waiting to wed would have not been any different so that was weird
<21c2e595> we cant do doge now! what the hell! <@U03694HFD>
<21c2e595> well in a bar at least…
<21c2e595> <>
btc respecting trendline here and horizontal around 6k. bears have advantage below those

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