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Anon Ymous

Wed Mar 18 17:29:00 2020

<58f4c611> oil be gettin absolutely rekt beyond belief right now
<58f4c611> rev up those barrels
<9e126bf3> lmao <>
— The oil market’s threats combine 9/11 with the financial crisis — and could turn prices negative, analyst says
— Unless the US can build new storage at a never-before-seen rate, its capacity could fill up and prompt rapid selling, Mizuho Securities said.

<9e126bf3> we’re getting deep into clown world territory
<8f79fcda> sounds like a reason to buy a diesel generator and mine bitcoin
<9e126bf3> are they really saying I can get money to hoard oil?
<9e126bf3> yeah dude
<9e126bf3> free energy? wtf
<8f79fcda> :thinking_face:
<9e126bf3> $BTC is showing some strength, not dumping with everything else anymore… are all the weak hands shaken out already?
<9e126bf3> :honeybadger: :honeybadger: :honeybadger: :honeybadger:

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