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Anon Ymous

Thu Mar 26 14:13:09 2020
<773ab1f1> The whole thing is crazy. I’ve never seen everyone get fucked all at once. Normally, it’s just me getting fucked by myself and everyone is having fun. Or maybe someone else and I say ‘thank god its not me’. But to have an entire society fucked at once is truly a sight to behold
<8f79fcda> People have lost perspective
<8f79fcda> I understand the short-term system shock
<773ab1f1> I mean, this is like a custom designed formula to screw over the little guy.
<773ab1f1> Y’all see bill ackman turn 47million into 2.7 billion via short selling in like a week?
<9e126bf3> Actually Ackman made it going LONG after the bounce lmao
<773ab1f1> ack, my bad
<9e126bf3> No prob, actually makes it sound even more insane
<9e126bf3> If he stays long he could be in deep shit though
<773ab1f1> I went walking in uptown last night at like 9:00pm and it was a BEAUTIFUL spring night. and a total ghost town. Never in my life have I seen uptown so empty. Maybe saw 25 cars drive by in 45 minutes.
<773ab1f1> It was maybe one of the better walks of my life
<8f79fcda> did you hear the birds chirping?

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