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Anon Ymous

Thu Mar 26 18:54:21 2020
<8f79fcda> What cryptos are you guys going to buy with your trump money?
<75f07d61> I make to much to qualify for Trump money.
<8f79fcda> oof
<8f79fcda> i make the top of the minimum
<8f79fcda> (after bonuses)
<75f07d61> the cut off is 95k – right?
<8f79fcda> 75k
<8f79fcda> at least last i heard
<75f07d61> this is not the UBI I envisioned
<8f79fcda> not so universal eh?
<8f79fcda> did you just become a repiblican? lol
<75f07d61> libral conservative, dawg
<75f07d61> political trans
<75f07d61> i still think they should issue to everyone
<8f79fcda> well, yeah, cuz you’re not getting any
<75f07d61> well yeah
<8f79fcda> and it’s coming out of… your taxes

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