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Anon Ymous

Thu Mar 26 19:28:58 2020
<75f07d61> i am grateful to have a job during all of this and to be among those who get to work from home. However getting here was a product of hard-work and sacrifice. I’m a landlord and it wasnt easy getting to that point. They dont just give mortgages to anyone – you have to prove you’re a safe bet.
Not having much teaches a person to save, and to achieve more you learn the importance of safety nets – ie having an emergency fund and such : they give peace of mind when taking risk.
I do sympathize with the people who dont make enough to save, and how can you expect someone to pay rent before feeding themselves – shit ive had to live through that and its stressful! I’m inclined to give someone a break under those circumstances.
<8f79fcda> are you better off for having experienced that hardship?

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