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Anon Ymous

Sat Oct 1 02:57:51 2022
(*29f49ae7*):: Sempo
Inclusive financial infrastructure for emerging markets. +publci!
*** Sempo
*** Inclusive financial infrastructure for emerging markets. – Sempo
*** GitHub

(*f763ed18*):: Oh wow that’s cool
(*29f49ae7*):: # Grassroots Economics
(*29f49ae7*):: Proof of Authority Blockchain system
(*29f49ae7*):: alphabonds for IXO
(*29f49ae7*):: Impact Data Consortium Chain
(*29f49ae7*):: they clearly see blockchain as the cornerstone of the cybernetic aid system.
(*29f49ae7*):: Grassroots Economics, talk about Catastrophe bonds, community currencies and how they expect the two to merge in the future.

“A Cat Bond is a security that is used to transfer risk of financial loss arising from a catastrophic event from the sponsor to investor. The Danish Red Cross is sponsoring the world’s first pure-volcano catastrophe bond. This parametric cat bond is structured such that the principal is paid to the Red Cross if specified trigger conditions are met.”

Eventually they hope to merge the catastrophe bonds with Community Currencies:

“Furthermore, as the CIC platform expands, globally, there becomes a very interesting opportunity, potentially, to develop various social impact and insurance linked securities for regulated investors. Imagine creating suites of crypto enabled mini-cat bonds that help direct targeting funding to mitigate against risks associated with conflict, climate change, and other humanitarian crises without so much as relying on algorithms, bonding curves, datasets, and pre-arranging funding commitments – in the near future, this is how chunks of humanitarian assistance will be allocated. [emphasis added]

(*29f49ae7*):: Michael Zargham, Krzysztof Paruch, and Shermin Voshmgir
(*29f49ae7*):: WOrks with Mitiga
(*29f49ae7*):: +public!
UN’s Focus Group on AI for Natural Disaster Management
Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe (PRACE).
(*29f49ae7*):: # Grassroots Economics
(*29f49ae7*):: Proof of Authority Blockchain system
(*29f49ae7*):: Insurance Linked Securities (ILS) +public!
Guernsey International Insurance Agency
Captive insurance

  • refers to essentially any insurance provided by a corporation, as opposed to self-insurance.

“The three most important features that would classify a securities issue as a private placement are:

  • The securities are not publicly offered
  • The securities are not required to be registered with the SEC
  • The investors are limited in number and must be “accredited”

Parametric insurance

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