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Anon Ymous

Fri May 15 17:08:45 2020
<5547a085> This is <#C013DQUQLRK|open4biz>, not #seized or #stolen
<9e126bf3> speaking of open4biz… apparently when we go to restaurants we will be logged and timestamped for contact tracing purposes. It begins…
<8f79fcda> y’all ever see shawshank redemption?
<8f79fcda> when he made a new identity for banking purposes?
<9e126bf3> nah but I hear that loud and clear. I do need to watch it sometimes, comes up a lot
<9e126bf3> how soon till they force quarantine all people that were near someone that tests “positive” for a coronavirus (potentially not even covid)?
<8f79fcda> “it’s amazing what you can do through the mail”
<8f79fcda> get a bubble boy ball lol
<8f79fcda> there’s a book called “patriots” that i found in brave new books that talks about how to create a new identity
<9e126bf3> if some jack boots in lab coats come to my condo because I had a beer next to a coofer the week before, they better send fucking bachelors
<8f79fcda> not with a bang but a whitmer

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