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Anon Ymous

Tue Feb 4 19:45:38 2020
<5547a085> I want to forgive them for being misguided, but the fact is the woman economy is retarded and drives no “value” my man’s mind can merit, I just dont want their bullshit to filter into my reality on accident, like ideological toxic waste, and it does! The only thing we can do is try to fuck their brains out right and whisper wisdom in their ears at the pillow, like: “bitch, youre not spending 2500$ of my money on that stupid bullshit, but I still love you” I guess? I have wasted approx. 2500$ before sure, but how could I respect this, I’d rather light the money on fire than see it go to those shrewdly manipulative cunts taking advantage of the dumbass naivete of whoever these ladies are, what a crock

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