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Anon Ymous

Fri Feb 21 16:01:23 2020
<75f07d61> Do you think health Care is adorable in the US?
I’m looking at this stuff and it seems really good. I ain’t no millionaire but this breakdown prioritizes us working stiffs
<75f07d61> For example I’ve elected to find my own health care in order to obtain a bigger payout. We use a health share. Normal insurance for a family of 4 is about 1k. With the health share it’s 470.
<75f07d61> The hospitals bill us at a Medicare rate. I’m not saying this is the solution. I think insurance companies are holding us hostage while our government wrtoe the law so that they are permanent middlemen.
<8f79fcda> What do you think price transparency would do to health care if that were available?
<75f07d61> I would love to see a open market fair insurance or health care costs but the shit has become a racket!
<8f79fcda> You should look up trumps price transparency law that goes into effect Jan-1-2021
<75f07d61> I’d question how true the numbers are. If everyone is reporting the same thing how do we know it’s an honest price
<75f07d61> We’ll share some links, home slice!
<8f79fcda> About to drive to work, where my employer pays for my healthcare. A thing that Bernie finds morally reprehensible: work and private healthcare. Will have links soon :kissing_heart:
<8f79fcda> Btw literally worked on a client site of a 200person health care insurance 3rd party administrator yesterday :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

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