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Anon Ymous

Fri Apr 3 15:56:59 2020
<9e126bf3> yeah TBH I would have fired him immediately too for the leak. This is a total disaster, it’s telegraphing yet more major weakness in our military. It has NOTHING to do with Trump looking good or bad. DoD just sent out a memo to everyone to zip it up because of major national security implications but this caption shows leadership by ignoring it? By breaking chain of command and destroying his career so the public can give him brownie points? Because “following your conscience” and fuck Trump, am I right? PLA is laughing at our pathetic situation. They are making battle plans while we are drifting aimlessly, sniping at each other while the country melts down over our response to the CCP bioweapon. All the while China is showing determined resolve against us, inspiring our enemies within. Taiwan could be completely fucked this year. CCP will invade and everyone will blame Trump because our military was incapacitated by a fucking bioweapon.

It’s weird to me that people high up in the military aren’t on this page, that we are already at war and the first shot was already fired even if they don’t speak to that publicly. An aircraft carrier is not a cruise ship. Sailors are not passengers on a fucking vacation. It’s literally a floating war machine. Are these people going to cry and run when they enter battle? or are they going to fight? Our enemy is laughing hysterically every day at these developments. Right now we look like a complete clown show

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