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Anon Ymous

Sat Apr 4 00:29:26 2020
<6707bcd9> <@U036M05JL> that’s one spin on it, sure
<6707bcd9> I’d start by indicting the source
<6707bcd9> Do you think “the conservative treehouse .com” is going to provide a balanced account of what happened?
<6707bcd9> Or are they going to portray a hawkish stance?
<6707bcd9> As I said above, this Capt Crozier is the captain of an aircraft carrier, they don’t give that rank to just anyone
<6707bcd9> We are all merely outside observers guessing at the facts
<6707bcd9> He was there in person, and had enough conviction that it was the right call, that he put his career on the line
<6707bcd9> He knew what was going to happen if he leaked the memo.
<6707bcd9> Therefore, he truly must have believed he was doing the right thing
<6707bcd9> A captain’s foremost duty is to his ship and crew
<6707bcd9> If he believed his ship and/or crew were in danger, and this was their best option, I say we trust him

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